We are young, and yet we already have a lot of things to remember. Six years together.
More than 100 projects in 10 countries, and millions of exciting moments.

was born in Ukraine

There were thoughts, dreams, ideas.
Samples, experiments, and small projects. Sketches, drawings, notes.
Holidays, games and a lot of routine work.

Poland and Germany joined us!

Projects became larger, requirements – more serious, and results – wider.
We found associates, resources, and money.
Websites, Graphics, Visualization, and Representation.

We entered media market in Austria.

Everything became more interesting, efficient, and ambitious.
Everything is under control, accurately, and on time.
We gathered the team, found the place, and creativity was added.
Variety, intensity, and scale. Various surfaces, lasers, holography, and impression.

We extended the territory
to Kazakhstan and Jordan.

The cultural specificity, customer desires, engaging experts.
Classic, Modern, Futurism. Gratitude of Customers, rapture of Participants,
Pleasure of Performers. Personal know-how, understanding of volume, integrated solutions. Special events, viral technologies, icon graphics, trends receptivity.

Present Day

We have interests in Canada, Britain, and the Far East.
Pace of development accelerates, requirements and Mastery grow, experience is accumulated and used.
Animation, infohraphics, structural design, and associative series. Use of differences, focus on the client, orientation on the results.
Performance, production, show, and transformations.

The Future
Our goal is international,
integrated, and iconic projects

New sweep, interesting orders, provision of projects and bteathtaking shows.
Latest technologies, adapting to conditions, use of science, and controlled success.
Observation, insight, imprinting, and influence.

Successful Projects
Effective Team
Happy Clients

Key Features

Six main advantages, benefits, and winnings
our clients get from interaction with us. .

International Team

We are a group of professionals from 6 countries, with average age of 28, with
average work experience in media technology of 8 years, etc. Does it say anything of us at all? We guess so.

Easy Process

The technologies of project implementation of the Lime Art suppose the
intermediate execution control points, which can be monitored collectively. Each of these stages has its time limit, which is easy to fix.

The Time

Time is the only irreplaceable resource. So we have learned to respect and cherish
the time of our clients, offering them the best technologies, tested by practice.

Media & Technical Resources

We use the best media-technological base and the most modern German textures
and materials for work on 3D-graphics.

Influence Control

The simple realization of things, which have been agreed initially, is not enough
now. Our team always remembers it, offering the clients new meanings within their ideas, creating new spaces for their messages, and adding strength and direction to their influence.

The Adaptive Conditions

Flexible financial terns for clients, which take into account specifics of each
country and project seasonality.

International Team

Many years of experience from West Europe to Middle East

Alexander Kuiava

Producer and Managing Director.
Started inventing new at 8, paint in Photoshop at 15,
founded LIME ART GROUP at 20. Dreams to buy an island.

Sasha Zak

Producer. Partner.
Born under a lucky star. Has 8 senses

Slavik Bebko

Project Manager. Partner.
An exact copy of Hank Moody
in the music business

Pavel Molokanov

Producer. Partner.
Understands the intricacies of the universe.

We are an international Team

Experience from West Europe to Middle East



You’ll never know enough
if you do not know more than enough.William Blake

Generating the Idea.

As well as coordinating our actions.
Create a script and draw the draft sketches.

Start to model

Create the 3D objects and making sculpting.
Prepare textures for our visualization.


Really gentle approach to each frame.
In the 50th give an Influence

Scene Visualization

Attach the light, shades and relief.
Add realism and focus on the essentials.

Video Editing

Final Post-production, Color Grading
and Sound Design

Technical Setup

Logistics. Project management.
Installing the video equipment.

3D Mapping & Adaptation

Highlight key areas of architecture.
Synchronization with light and effects on the show area.

Creating a Pleasure!

Final Project. Enjoy. Participate. Inspire and Satisfy!


Cultural Manifesto

What makes us interesting to Advertising companies,
event agencies, production studios and public organizations.

To Advertising Companies

We know very well how the AA work. Many of us began their careers with them.
We remember what “need it for yesterday”, “creativity on demand”, “no answer from these guys”, and other things mean. It is this understanding that makes us do everything possible from our side (and sometimes impossible), because we want the work with us to be quick and efficient.

Your projects challenge our capabilities, and the challenge is a thing that gives us the energy that moves us forward with you. We want you to see us as a part of your solutions in implementation of your daring and ambitious plans.

To Production Studios

It does not matter if we are working in your project, or you are acting as contractor
in our project – we are responsible for what we’re paid for. We value the trust of our clients and contractors – that is why only the projects, creative ideas, and their realization can be changed.

Our responsible attitude to work, our transparency and honesty remain unchanged after we have agreed on our plans.

To Event Agencies

Our time requires new innovative approaches. Simple “organization” for getting
the appreciative reviews is not enough. Giving more, looking wider, and offering special things – these are the trends of our time in the entertainment industry.

There are also important things: close interaction with the public and controlled impression. If you are willing to try new things, while maintaining quality standards, you can move a little ahead of time, looking at projects of the future. If you want to surpass the desires of your clients – we are on the same path.

To Free-lancers

We share your values, as they mean a lot to us and you can meet their actual
implementations in our group. International team LIME ART GROUP is open to people who have good knowledge of creative crafts, think outside the box, who are at the forefront of innovation, practice discipline, and comply with deadlines.

To create projects “from scratch”, improve ideas, gain inspiration, adding new experiences and polish your skills – all this is available when you are a part of our team. All you have to do is to tell us about yourself.

To NGO’s

We support our clients in their wish to show their value. We contribute into these events a creative approach, using modern technology and science, complex projection equipment, and the ability to consider the details in advance.

Socially focused organizations (and also companies operating in the field of art, eco-friendly or energy-saving technologies) have special privileges and up to 50% discount on the project. All you have to do is have a good idea, determine the budget, and contact us, – and we will do the rest and take care of the details.

To Competitors

If you are doing the same stuff as we do, being involved in long-term projects, then
we are “tarred with the same brush”, we have similar values and very similar goals. We believe that “our” field will suffice for all customers.

Let’s join forces and get together to form a taste for excellently done work and extraordinary solutions in our potential clients. Let us together make incompatible – complementary, complicated inside the apparently – simple, and the impossible – possible!

Our Projects – Our Pride! Watch. Inspire. Enjoy. View Portfolio