We are young, and yet we already have a lot of things to remember. Six years together.
More than 100 projects in 10 countries, and millions of exciting moments.

was born in Ukraine

There were thoughts, dreams, ideas.
Samples, experiments, and small projects. Sketches, drawings, notes.
Holidays, games and a lot of routine work.

Poland and Germany joined us!

Projects became larger, requirements – more serious, and results – wider.
We found associates, resources, and money.
Websites, Graphics, Visualization, and Representation.

We entered media market in Austria.

Everything became more interesting, efficient, and ambitious.
Everything is under control, accurately, and on time.
We gathered the team, found the place, and creativity was added.
Variety, intensity, and scale. Various surfaces, lasers, holography, and impression.

We extended the territory
to Kazakhstan and Jordan.

The cultural specificity, customer desires, engaging experts.
Classic, Modern, Futurism. Gratitude of Customers, rapture of Participants,
Pleasure of Performers. Personal know-how, understanding of volume, integrated solutions. Special events, viral technologies, icon graphics, trends receptivity.

Present Day

We have interests in Canada, Britain, and the Far East.
Pace of development accelerates, requirements and Mastery grow, experience is accumulated and used.
Animation, infohraphics, structural design, and associative series. Use of differences, focus on the client, orientation on the results.
Performance, production, show, and transformations.

The Future
Our goal is international,
integrated, and iconic projects

New sweep, interesting orders, provision of projects and bteathtaking shows.
Latest technologies, adapting to conditions, use of science, and controlled success.
Observation, insight, imprinting, and influence.

Successful Projects
Effective Team
Happy Clients

We are proud of each of our Project

Every time we show, that we value our customers and respect our partners
by thinking wider, acting locally and doing our work responsibly and with pleasure.
Let our projects tell more about us.


Our Projects – Our Pride! Watch. Inspire. Enjoy. View Portfolio