Alexander Kuiava

Producer and Managing Director.
Started inventing new at 8, paint in Photoshop at 15,
founded LIME ART GROUP at 20. Dreams to buy an island.

Sasha Zak

Producer. Partner.
Born under a lucky star. Has 8 senses

Slavik Bebko

Project Manager. Partner.
An exact copy of Hank Moody
in the music business

Pavel Molokanov

Producer. Partner.
Understands the intricacies of the universe.

We are an international Team

Experience from West Europe to Middle East

Successful Projects
Effective Team
Happy Clients


You’ll never know enough
if you do not know more than enough.

William Blake

Watch. Impress. Inspire. Order!

When you are busy with something interesting , inspiring and useful to people , time flies very fast. 2012 flew for the team LIME ART GROUP as one day. Projects were followed one another with lightning speed, silhouettes of cities of different parts of the world were fixed on the retina. Ideas embodied for our customers better than expected.

For sure, to put everything is impossible in 90 seconds of all of our emotions, insights, discoveries, all the gratitude of our clients, all delighted astonishment of the public involved. Yet the mood of our work in 2013-2014, we did in a small video clip, the showreel where the main projects LIME ART GROUP – creative achievements of the past year !

Brand Presentation

Our Projects – Our Pride! Watch. Inspire. Enjoy. View Portfolio