Look, impress, inspire, order!

When you are busy with something interesting, inspiring and helpful for people, time flies very fast. The 2013-14 went for the LIME ART GROUP team as one day. Projects were followed by one another, like lightning, silhouettes of cities of different parts of the world were fixed on the retina. Ideas of our customers embodied much better than it expected.

There is no doubt that it is impossible to accommodate in 90 seconds all of our emotions, insights, findings, all thanks from our customers, all delight, surprise of the involved audience.
Nevertheless, the mood of our work in 2013-14 we contain in a small video-report, which demonstrating the major projects of LIME ART GROUP – the creative achievements of the past year!

Brand Presentation

Video Production, Multimedia Show or Graphic Design, we will offer you the best what the industry of Media or experiences is capable for today. By entrusting us with your brand, you’ll be pleasantly surprised and pleased with how we manage with the trusted project work.

We are equally careful approach to any of our projects, from the real embodiment of Video Mapping in show format to the successful promotion your on TV using the tools of 2D and 3D Animation.

We add the depth and volume of the projects focus on the pleasure, simplicity and interoperability.
We always give more, carrying directional influence to the audience, introducing in its memory key messages of our clients.

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