Stage Design & Visualization

Simalutaion your Show

Concepts development for Shows

Symbolism, metaphors and associative ranks.

Turn-key Solutions & Showcases

Visit us with a good idea, and we in turn take care of the details.


Special Show

There is no surface, on which it would be impossible to organize the show,
make fun through virtual projection and made it look different. Any, even the craziest idea,
can be realized: stone, wood, land, buildings, even water and air
all this can serve as a screen for your messages. Let’s make the show unforgettable!

Development of Show’s Concepts

Symbolism, associative ranks, metaphors and storytelling, – this are our key tools for creating scripts and programs for your show. Mastery of the directing and Wikipedia in a head allow us to create the most suitable and best concept for your customers.

Stage Design & Visualization

If you want to make a several thousand’s event – we will help you with this case. 3D graphics technologies allow simulate your project maximum photorealistic. Scene, light, video decorations – everything is under control and exactly in time. 3D visualization allows you to convey the atmosphere and prescribe the key programs of the Show. You can see, how the light, decorations on the stage and other effects you need, will work.

Rent and Sale of Equipment

We help our clients with technical support. If you want to rent or buy a projector or some powerful video turnkey systems – this is to us. Our services in selling and renting of video equipment operate on all the Europe, CIS countries and the Middle East. Having reliable base of technical partners and rentals around the world we can quickly provide you all what you need.

Turnkey Solutions & Showcase’s

Today we are offering our clients an extensive solutions and show cases. This is interesting for those who do not want to work with a variety contractors on the area, which can lead to technical or software problems. Today we can take on the full responsibility for what happens on your project. Come to us with a good idea, and we in turn will take care of the details.

Look, impress, order!

When you are busy with something interesting, inspiring and helpful for people, time flies very fast. The 2012 went for the LIME ART GROUP team as one day. Projects were followed by one another, like lightning, silhouettes of cities of different parts of the world were fixed on the retina. Ideas of our customers embodied much better than it expected. There is no doubt that it is impossible to accommodate in 90 seconds all of our emotions, insights, findings, all thanks from our customers, all delight, surprise of the involved audience. Nevertheless, the mood of our work in 2012 we contain in a small video-report, which demonstrating the major projects of LIME ART GROUP – the creative achievements of the past year!

What makes us different from others?

The main favors, benefits and winnings,
which our clients receive from the interaction with us.

An International Team

Is the thing, that we are a group of professionals from 6 countries, with average age of 28, with average work experience in media technology of 8 years, etc. describes us somehow? And if so

Easy Process

The technologies of project implementation of Lime Art provide the intermediate control points of execution, which we can collectively monitor. Each of these stages has its time limit, which is easy to fix.

The Time

The time is the unique irreplaceable resource. So we have learned to respect and cherish the time of our clients, offering them the best, tested by practice technology.

Media & Technical Resources

We use the best media-technological base and the most modern German textures and materials for work on 3D-graphics.

Influence Control

The simple realization of things, about which we agreed, is not enough now. Our team always remembers it, offering the clients new meanings in pales of their ideas, creating for their messages new spaces, adding strength and direction of its effects.

Adaptive Conditions

Flexible financial conditions for clients, which consider specificity of each country and the seasonality of the project.

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