Forming Trends, Changing Perceptions

Video Production, Multimedia Show or Graphic Design, we will offer you the best what the industry of Media or experiences is capable for today.
By entrusting us with your brand, you’ll be pleasantly surprised and pleased with how we manage with the trusted project work.

We are equally careful approach to any of our projects, from the real embodiment of Video Mapping in show format to the successful promotion your on TV using the tools of 2D and 3D Animation.

We add the depth and volume of the projects focus on the pleasure, simplicity and interoperability.We always give more, carrying directional influence to the audience, introducing in its memory key messages of our clients.

Video Mapping Projection

Impressive Video Show. Create your own video performance with the help of our specialists.

Interactive Video Systems

Technologies are moving us into a world where line between real & virtual disappears.

Live Visual

The public demands unusual show, bright impressions and fresh ideas

Special Show

Every, the most insane idea can be implemented!

Video Production

2D & 3D Animation. Motion Graphics. VFX. Documentary. Viral, Brand, Promo Videos.

Graphic Design

Do you love looking at beautiful touching surfaces?

Cultural Manifesto

What makes us interesting to AA, event agencies,
production studios and public organizations.

To Advertising Companies

We know very well how the AA work. Many of us began their careers with them. We remember what it means to “need for yesterday”, “creativity on demand”, “no answer from these guys”, and other. Precisely from this understanding, we do everything possible from our side (and sometimes impossible) because we want, that the work with us will be quick and efficient. Your projects challenge our capabilities, and the challenge is a thing, which gives us the energy that moves us forward with you. We want you to see us as part of your solutions in implementation of your daring and ambitious plans.

To Production Studios

It does not matter if we are working in your project, or you are acting as contractor in our project – we are responsible for what us paid for. We value the trust of our clients and contractors, – that is why only the projects, creative ideas and their realization can be changed. Remains unchanged our responsible attitude to work, our transparency and honesty after we have agreed on our plans.

To Event Agencies

Our time requires for new innovative approaches. It is not enough just simple “organization” to get the appreciative reviews. To give more, to look wider, to offer some special things is trends of our time in the entertainment industry. There are also important things: close interaction with the public and managed impression. If you are willing to try new things, maintaining quality standards, you can move a little ahead of time, looking at the projects of the future, and want to surpass the desires of your clients – we are at the same way.

To Free-lancers

We share your valuables, they mean a lot to us and you can meet their actual implementation in our group. An international team of LIME ART GROUP is open to people who have good knowledge of creative crafts, think outside the box, those who are at the forefront of innovation in its field and practicing discipline and comply deadlines. To create projects “from scratch”, to improve ideas, gain inspiration, adding new experiences and polish your skills – all this is available when you are logged into our team. All you have to do is to declare us about yourself.

To NGO’s

We support our clients in their wish to show their value. We contribute into these events a creative approach, using of modern technology and science, possession of complex projection equipment, and also the ability to consider in advance the details. Socially focused organizations (and also companies operating in the field of art, eco-friendly or energy-saving technologies) have in our work special privileges and up to 50% discount on the project. All you have to do: have a good idea, to determine with a budget, and contact us, – and we will do the implementation and take care of the details.

To Competitors

If you are doing the same stuff as we do, doing for your clients memorable for a long time projects, we are “tarred with the same brush”, we have similar values and very similar goals. We believe that “our” field will suffice on all customers. Let’s join forces and get together more to form in our potential clients a taste for excellent done work and extraordinary solutions. Let us together make an incompatible the complementary, complicated inside the apparently simple and the impossible possible!

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