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HDD VJ Loops & Video Mapping Kit 2012-2015

5,510.00 € 2,890.00 €

Video Mapping Loops Bundle Vol.1 – A compilation by video mapping loops packs. For Architectural and interior Video Mapping. Exclusive Visual Trends.

Product Description

HDD VJ & Video Mapping Kit – VJ Loops and Video Mapping Loops & Toolkit

HDD Video Mapping Projection Kit is a compilation of most interesting and great 3d animation and video mapping loops for Projection 3d mapping. Everything you will need to perform your architecture.
Use Video Mapping Loops as motion video background and animated architectural elements from Video Mapping Toolkits to make exclusive look to your building, house, architecture.
29-50 Fps. Full HD Resolution. Quicktime Photojpeg and PNG Scenes with Alpha Channel.

How to do Video Mapping Projection? How to make Video Projection Mapping? Video Mapping Projection Kit by limeartgroup help you to find solutions!

Video Mapping Toolkit

Green Nature Vol.1  – 3D Animated elements to show the beaty nature on your Acrhitecture. Growing Plants, Vine, Ivy in combination with fallen walls, cracks video transitions etc.

Call Poseidon Vol.2 – Front view water simulation in different architectural shapes. Perform Your architecture to Aquaworld.

Arch Facade Vol.3 – Standart Animated, source  Acrhitectural elements: Columns, Arcs, Pilasters, Pediments, Cupolas, Windows, etc.

Liquid Displace Vol.4 – Animated Architectural Elements with liquid displace video texture

Light Ray Vol.5 – Motion Video with Lights Effects. Different architectural elements

Burning Wood Vol.6 – Fire and burning texture of wood. For Different Acrhitectural styles and types

Colorful France Vol.7 – Color Version of Video Mapping Toolkits Vol.3 – Arch Facade.

Visual LSD  Vol.8 – Architectural elements with PSY Effect Video Texture.

Hi Chubaka Vol.9 – Hair Animated Video Texture in Acrhitectural elements shapes.

Stone Reflect Vol.10 – Full 3D Animation of Architectural Elements. Great Video Transitions for Projection Mapping.

Glitch Reload Vol.11 – Glitch Video Effect for Projection 3d Video Mapping

Video Mapping Loops

Smart Reflection Vol.2  – Video Mapping Loops for Difeerent Architectural Styles. Exclusive motion trends: cubes, polygons, wires, canvas, fallenwalls and more

Fallen & Rise Vol.3 – Different options to destroy your walls.

Fluid Fabrics Vol.4 – Fluids video simulations. Create Liquid Effect on your architecture Full HD Video Mapping Loops

Panorama Vol.5 – Video Mapping Loops Pack for wide-scale acrhitecture. Different video trends

Wire Texture Vol.6 – Show the lattice on building surface. 3d Wireframe video

Displacement Maps Vol.7 –  Displace UV Maps, Textures for Cube Projection Mapping

Color Maps Vol.9 – High quality color UV Maps, video patterns for object, cube Projection video mapping. Btw, Looks also awesome as Motion Backround with Tile Effect.

VJ Loops Full HD Video Loops

Smart Lines Vol.1 –  VJ Loops Packs. Decoration Lines

Candy Shock Vol.9 – Extra Wide resolution VJ Loops Pack
Really Madonna Vol.11 – Abstract Light Design VJ Loops Pack
Main Element Vol.17 – Symbols and Face Animation VJ Loops Pack
VJ Loops Gilded Roots Vol.27 – Gothic and abstract vj loops pack
VJ Loops Black Ray Vol.8 – Extra wide abstract vj loops pack


Video Mappin Loops & Toolkits Tutorial

After Purchase You will get an Access to download Video Content to your registered E-mail and HDD harddrive per Post. DHL or UPS

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special free video loops packs (Partner Access to Visual Cloud)
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Additional Information


1920X1080 Full HD


30-50 FPS


Quicktime PhotoJpeg and DXV


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