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Video Mapping Loops Vol.15 – Fold Surface

129.00 €

Video Mapping Loops Pack Vol.15 – Fold Surface
For Architectural and interior Video Mapping. 20 Video Mapping Loops with high quality resolution / FULL HD 1080p60fps.
Awesome Displace Effect vj loops

Product Description

Video Mapping Loops Vol.14 – Fold Surface

Ragged and cut liniens always make people feel that something is wrong in their lives and make them strive for perfection. The mapping [product_title] is devoted to create an atmosphere of mild and domestic situation, from one side and, very mysterious, from another one. Looking at ragged pieces you always think why it is ragged. Pieces of different forms and formats will give your show a feeling of curiousity and multi-layedness. This mapping will enrich your visuals and create your own masterpiece with a special style. The mapping is produced in high quality [product_resolution] video resolution and framerate [product_framerate] and can be used in any of your visuals.You can find more visuals like [product_title] at [product_primary_category]. Produced with love by [product_seller]. The product will be organically used in different mapping products to get absolutely new masterpieces.

20 VJ Loops: 20 Full HD 1920X1080 Video Loops 60fps. Encoded by Quicktime Photojpeg


For different Architectural Style: Ancient / Islamic / Asian / Gothic / Modern / Baroque / Futuristic / Neo etc. 24 Video Mapping Loops with high quality resolution / FULL HD 1080p60fps. Exclusive Visual & Video Mapping Trends


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Additional Information


1920X1080 Full HD


60 FPS


Quicktime PhotoJpeg






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