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Types of Projection 3d video Mapping

Posted by | March 28, 2015 | Trends, Video Mapping | No Comments
projection mapping 3d video

3D video mapping projections You can divide for 3-4 types.

1. Architectural video mapping – Video projections on building and architecture.
2. Object Video Mapping – Video mapping projections on geometric forms.
Cubes, pyramids, prisms, spheres, cars, masks and face, trees,  curved forms objects.
3. Interior projection mapping – the indoor 3d video mapping on walls of the venue. Could be in panorama (360 grad).
4 Full Dome projections – video mapping projections on every surfaces inside the venue. Walls, floor, ceiling. Main time the full dome projections are using for domes (spherify venues, dome, kupols, etc.)

More about 3d video mapping projections You can find here: Projection Mapping

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