Clients about LIME ART GROUP Services & Products

An awesome must-have resource for doing any video-mapping, or vj work!!! These libraries have been an absolute life-saver for me on more than one occasion! I definitely wouldn't have been able to pull off those projects on time, and have a very impressed client without them! Alexander is really great to deal with too. Really great company, jighly recommended!! LIME ART GROUP
Richard Wildeman
I am fresh in complex video content production; I tested some of your loops in a bigger project I did this year; I like the quality; I like your service; I like video content design and production; I hope to have more and more interesting projects and get more loops from you; best regards from warsaw; malgorzata
Malgorzata Szablowska
Go-sha Studio
Definitely the best content provider on the web, Top quality renders, upstanding Customer care, lots of material and very well named and organized, what else can i say. Price is right and they give you useful and valuable free stuff. I'm a LD/VJ for a few artist and some corporate and live music events and I don't have the time to prepare the visuals from scratch, plus I will never be as creative as this guys
Carlos Porrello
Great company, great visuals. Very easy to work with... Will certainly reach out to them again. Greetings from the Caribbean.
Johann Medford
North Eleven
The Video Mapping loops are fantastic! We have used in several shows and we always get great compliments. Highly recommendable!
Wilmer Fuentes
Pixel Motion Graphics, Inc
Excellent visuals and an excellent customer service. Highly recomended
Paul Thompson
Boogie Audio Visual LTD
Excelente trabajo , estoy muy feliz por lo que he comprando en limeartgroup, felicidades ¡¡
Marcos Tejeda Morales
VJ Morales
Lime art group makes stylish and exceptional graphics rich with detail and craftsmanship. We love using Lime arts graphics for our live performances as it always gives that extra nudge to get that luxurious look!
Arminas Kazlauskas
Mediatec Solutions Norway
Your product really saved the day for me. My company was having the grand opening for our new building and a week before my boss asked me to video map the building. One week is not enough time for to make custom content from scratch. So I purchased your VMLP Vol 8 Gold Edition and it saved me so much time. I was able to create a custom looking show with great effects in about 2 days with your products.
Tim Burke
Audio Visual Dynamics
The services provided from you guys is second to none, the range of content that is available is amazing and increases the quality of any and all projects where the content is used. The only improvement I can suggest to you at Lime Art is to expand the range of content even further than it's already vast choice, which I'm sure you are already looking into for future releases.
Conor Skelton
VJ Skelton
Limeartgroup are simply the best at what they do.
Maged Farrag
Customer from Egypt
Perfect supplier for my events. Great Service and awesome videos. Looking forward to more in the future.
Ole Daniel Lilleheier
Light & Stage Tech
I loved Limeart stuff It Just saves me a lot of time preparing for video mappings!
Rodrigo Morais
VJ Morais
Awesome loops everyone should have in it's back pocket ;-)
Matthias Schöffmann
I'm very new to VJing & Projection Mapping, but found trough your site a lot of inspiration and help. I bought already 2 of your mapping pack and will be excited what´s coming up next. Thanks for the beautifull Free Backlines Visual pack!
Christoph Berz
Brawn Engineering AVL Asia
Great value for what you get. I bought a loop pack bundle for around 700 euro´s which have greatly helped me out in several projects. Works great as compositing layers, or as stand-alone VJ material. In addition you get some free content which is updated on a regular basis. I´m a satisfied customer.
Mads Faste Liang Nilsen
Projektor Pøblene