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LIMEART was born in Ukraine in 2008 as Video & Media Production department for Advertising Agency and managed by Alexander Kuiava. LIME ART GROUP Today is an Austria based Video Production & Event Visual Design company specialized on Video Art, Projection 3D Video Mapping and Stage Visuals, Live Broadcasting, Brand Videos, Commercials, Visual Effects & Motion Graphics



Commercials and Promo Videos for TV & Internet Channels. Viral Videos.


Video Mapping Projections and Event Visuals. VJ Loops & Motion Backgrounds


Brand Films and Corporate Presentation. Shooting & Video Edit. Post-Production

Video Art

Video Installations & Video Mixes.
Art Shorts Movies

10 000+

VJ Loops Produced


Successful Works


Artists Supported


Brands Created

LIME ART GROUP History of Video Mapping & Video Production Company
Take a moment to see how we grow our skills!

We are young, and yet we already have a lot of things to remember. 10 years together.
More than 100 projects in 10 countries, and millions of exciting moments

The Way we have choose

LIME ART GROUP was born in Ukraine

There were thoughts, dreams, ideas. Samples, experiments, and small projects. Sketches, drawings, notes. Holidays, games and a lot of routine work. We  created our first Commercial for Advertisment and Title for some Film Production. First Corporate Movies and first showreel


Poland and Germany joined us!

Projects became larger, requirements – more serious, and results – wider. We found associates, resources and money. Websites, Graphics, Visualization, and Representation. Start to create first Art Installations and Projection Mapping Works


We entered media market in Austria

Everything became more interesting, efficient, and ambitious.  Everything is under control, accurately and on time.  We gathered the team, found the place, creativity was added. Variety, intensity, and scale. Various surfaces, lasers, holography, and impression. Started took a part on international vj events.


We extended the territory to Kazakhstan and Jordan

The cultural specificity, customer desires, engaging experts. Classic, Modern, Futurism. Gratitude of Customers, rapture of Participants, Pleasure of Performers. Personal know-how, understanding of volume, integrated solutions. Special events, viral technologies, icon graphics, trends receptivity. We also created our First Visuals for Projection Mapping and announced it and VJ Meeting

Present Days

Interests in Canada, Britain, and the Far East.

Pace of development accelerates, requirements and Mastery grow, experience is accumulated and used. Animation, infohraphics, structural design, and associative series. Use of differences, focus on the client, orientation on the results. Performance, production, show, and transformations.


Our goal is international, integrated, and iconic projects

New sweep, interesting orders, provision of projects and bteathtaking shows. Latest technologies, adapting to conditions, use of science, and controlled success.  Observation, insight, imprinting, and influence.



Experience from far East to West Europe! The Dream Group.
VIdeo Mapping Team. Best LIME ART VJs


Founder & CEO

I love to do Visuals and Support Video Artists through our New Media Channels. My passion is to develop new Art Projects and cultivate plants


Brand Manager

I help my Brother to Manage the Entertainment Vibes and promote and deliver all our Partners works to the Key Audience


Event Director

Sometimes I organize and manage LIMEART Events and do VJing on our Projects


Content Manager

All content which this Team create i have to deliver to the right channels.


What makes us interesting to Advertising companies, event agencies, production studios and public organizations.
LIME ART GROUP Manifest. VJ Manifest

To Advertising Companies

We know very well how the AA work. Many of us began their careers with them. We remember what “need it for yesterday”, “creativity on demand”, “no answer from these guys”, and other things mean. It is this understanding that makes us do everything possible from our side (and sometimes impossible), because we want the work with us to be quick and efficient. Your projects challenge our capabilities, and the challenge is a thing that gives us the energy that moves us forward with you. We want you to see us as a part of your solutions in implementation of your daring and ambitious plans.

To Production Studios

It does not matter if we are working in your project, or you are acting as contractor in our project – we are responsible for what we’re paid for. We value the trust of our clients and contractors – that is why only the projects, creative ideas, and their realization can be changed. Our responsible attitude to work, our transparency and honesty remain unchanged after we have agreed on our plans.

To Event Agencies

Our time requires new innovative approaches. Simple “organization” for getting the appreciative reviews is not enough. Giving more, looking wider, and offering special things – these are the trends of our time in the entertainment industry. There are also important things: close interaction with the public and controlled impression. If you are willing to try new things, while maintaining quality standards, you can move a little ahead of time, looking at projects of the future. If you want to surpass the desires of your clients – we are on the same path.

To Government

We know the process and terms or work with Government institutions and have enough experience to create projects focused on some Country regions or Social mainstreams. We already works on National LIVE & TV Shows and understand all responsibility that we take! Today we have wide-range showcase production services and can take part in your state public tender. Just write Us

To Freelancers

We share your values, as they mean a lot to us and you can meet their actual implementations in our group. International team LIME ART GROUP is open to people who have good knowledge of creative crafts, think outside the box, who are at the forefront of innovation, practice discipline, and comply with deadlines. To create projects “from scratch”, improve ideas, gain inspiration, adding new experiences and polish your skills – all this is available when you are a part of our team. All you have to do is to tell us about yourself

To NGO’s

We support our clients in their wish to show their value. We contribute into these events a creative approach, using modern technology and science, complex projection equipment, and the ability to consider the details in advance. Socially focused organizations (and also companies operating in the field of art, eco-friendly or energy-saving technologies) have special privileges and up to 50% discount on the project. All you have to do is have a good idea, determine the budget, and contact us, – and we will do the rest and take care of the details.

To Competitors

If you are doing the same stuff as we do, being involved in long-term projects, then we are “tarred with the same brush”, we have similar values and very similar goals. We believe that “our” field will suffice for all customers. Let’s join forces and get together to form a taste for excellently done work and extraordinary solutions in our potential clients. Let us together make incompatible – complementary, complicated inside the apparently – simple, and the impossible – possible!

To Premiums & VIPs

By creating Content, Brand Films or Video Installations on closed or private events, we know very well what it means for You to trust and exclusivity! Therefore, we can give strict guarantees that the work done for You will not be disclosed. Also we have a large number of creative ideas and scenarios that await Your invitation


8 main advantages, benefits, and winnings our clients get from interaction with us
Benefits of LIME ART GROUP Company

International Team

We are a group of professionals from 6 countries, with average age of 28, with average work experience in media technology of 8 years, etc. Does it say anything of us at all? We guess so.

Ideas Base

We have very expensive Ideas how to make You business looks amazing through Video and Motion Design Tools. Concepts we create is Revenue-generating business

Easy Process

Our technologies of project implementation suppose the intermediate execution control points, which can be monitored collectively. Each of stages has its time limit, which is easy to fix.

Promo Support

All our Customers we support through our New Media & Marketing Channels, Websites, Social Medias and on Events in Partners Venues. So We are interested that Your Business is grow!

Technical Resources

We use the best media-technological base and the most modern textures and materials for work on 3D Animation & Motion Graphics. Content we use is also RAW captured from the Real World.

The Adaptive Conditions

Flexible financial terms for clients, which take into account specifics of each country and project seasonality. We know the Price difference and will propose You the best option regarding your place

The Time

Time is the only irreplaceable resource. So we have learned to respect and cherish the time of our clients, offering them the best technologies, tested by practice.

Influence Control

We are offering the Customers new meanings within their ideas, creating spaces for their messages & adding strength and direction to their influence.



Clients about LIME ART GROUP Services & Products

An awesome must-have resource for doing any video-mapping, or vj work!!! These libraries have been an absolute life-saver for me on more than one occasion! I definitely wouldn't have been able to pull off those projects on time, and have a very impressed client without them! Alexander is really great to deal with too. Really great company, jighly recommended!!

Richard Wildeman

I am fresh in complex video content production; I tested some of your loops in a bigger project I did this year; I like the quality; I like your service; I like video content design and production; I hope to have more and more interesting projects and get more loops from you; best regards from warsaw; malgorzata

Malgorzata Szablowska

Go-sha Studio
Definitely the best content provider on the web, Top quality renders, upstanding Customer care, lots of material and very well named and organized, what else can i say. Price is right and they give you useful and valuable free stuff. I'm a LD/VJ for a few artist and some corporate and live music events and I don't have the time to prepare the visuals from scratch, plus I will never be as creative as this guys

Carlos Porrello

Great company, great visuals. Very easy to work with... Will certainly reach out to them again. Greetings from the Caribbean.

Johann Medford

North Eleven
The Video Mapping loops are fantastic! We have used in several shows and we always get great compliments. Highly recommendable!

Wilmer Fuentes

Pixel Motion Graphics, Inc
Excellent visuals and an excellent customer service. Highly recomended

Paul Thompson

Boogie Audio Visual LTD
Excelente trabajo , estoy muy feliz por lo que he comprando en limeartgroup, felicidades ¡¡

Marcos Tejeda Morales

VJ Morales
Lime art group makes stylish and exceptional graphics rich with detail and craftsmanship. We love using Lime arts graphics for our live performances as it always gives that extra nudge to get that luxurious look!

Arminas Kazlauskas

Mediatec Solutions Norway
Your product really saved the day for me. My company was having the grand opening for our new building and a week before my boss asked me to video map the building. One week is not enough time for to make custom content from scratch. So I purchased your VMLP Vol 8 Gold Edition and it saved me so much time. I was able to create a custom looking show with great effects in about 2 days with your products.

Tim Burke

Audio Visual Dynamics
The services provided from you guys is second to none, the range of content that is available is amazing and increases the quality of any and all projects where the content is used. The only improvement I can suggest to you at Lime Art is to expand the range of content even further than it's already vast choice, which I'm sure you are already looking into for future releases.

Conor Skelton

VJ Skelton
Limeartgroup are simply the best at what they do.

Maged Farrag

Customer from Egypt
Perfect supplier for my events. Great Service and awesome videos. Looking forward to more in the future.

Ole Daniel Lilleheier

Light & Stage Tech
I loved Limeart stuff It Just saves me a lot of time preparing for video mappings!

Rodrigo Morais

VJ Morais
Awesome loops everyone should have in it's back pocket ;-)

Matthias Schöffmann

I'm very new to VJing & Projection Mapping, but found trough your site a lot of inspiration and help. I bought already 2 of your mapping pack and will be excited what´s coming up next. Thanks for the beautifull Free Backlines Visual pack!

Christoph Berz

Brawn Engineering AVL Asia
Great value for what you get. I bought a loop pack bundle for around 700 euro´s which have greatly helped me out in several projects. Works great as compositing layers, or as stand-alone VJ material. In addition you get some free content which is updated on a regular basis. I´m a satisfied customer.

Mads Faste Liang Nilsen

Projektor Pøblene


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Production. Design. Performance

We add the depth and volume of the projects focus on the pleasure, simplicity and interoperability. We always give more, carrying directional influence to the audience, introducing in its memory key messages of our Сlients.



When you are busy with something interesting, inspiring and helpful for people, time flies very fast. Projects were followed by one another, like lightning, silhouettes of cities of different parts of the world were fixed on the retina. Ideas of our customers embodied much better than it expected.

Alexander KuiavaCreative Director
There is no doubt that it is impossible to accommodate in 90 seconds all of our emotions, insights, findings, all thanks from our customers, all delight, surprise of the involved audience. Nevertheless, the mood of our work we contain in a small video report, which demonstrating the major projects of LIME ART GROUP – the creative achievements of the past few years!

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