Eurovision Song Contest 2014


Public television of Armenia set the task to LIME ART GROUP to develop concept and video content to the artist from Armenia for Eurovision 2014 in Copenhagen. The synchronization of the video idea with abilities in light, stage, effects, and also management with technical, production of work group of Eurovision became a real task to our artists. All video production was necessary to create in a very short deadlines, taking into account all wishes, comments of a customer and technical issues with show scene that emerged in the process. Regarding to the concept, we need to mind everything: the ammount of cameras and lighting devices, movement and choreography of the artist, forms of video screens, graphics model, style, orientation, motion vector, speed, color balance and temperature, effects and synchronization with the movements of the artist on the scene. Understanding the level of responsibility and taking into account the technical complexity of the Eurovision 2014 and time constraints, we decided to undertake this challenge.



Alexander Kuiava – the creative director and visual supervisor of the project proposed to develop the theme of the eternal battle of the Darkness and Light, which perfectly suits to mood of Aram MP3 song  in the symphonic dubstep style. An important point was to assign tasks efficiently to our production group and discuss the process of adjustments and changes (there were very few ones) of the concept with the customer and with technical crew of the Eurovision. LIME ART GROUP proposed an abstract animation of style symmetry, which was centered in the symbolism of shapes and created the volume and depth using 3D mapping effects. Since a synchronization of A/V systems is one of the most priorities – there were proposed audio reactive technology of animation with involving of Aram’s choreography on the scene, the whole song was separated into 8 music instruments and every sound accorded the dynamic of video, underline the form of screens and the metaphysic key message of the artist. Our partners in Bahrain took up the simmulate  of the animation more than 1 million particles and the render, which successfully transformed into the Universe.



Bypassed many countries, Armenia, with the Aram MP3 song “Not Alone”, is among the top 10, taking 4th honorary place at the international Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Denmark. Unfortunately , the technical team of Eurovision have not fully programmed network devices, staging and directing of cameras this year in the way we have planned and developed in our concept. On the one hand, we can be satisfied with the result, on the other hand – it is for you to judge. Below you can read detail information of our concept. Another good result for us stand the dogmatic understanding that our key features is high quality in short term and which is right direction to offer quality service to our customers and partners at work, which has dominantly effective time distribution and cool project management. We are happy for Armenia and grateful to everyone who supported us in this project. Waiting for you in Austria in 2015. And always remember – You are not alone!



Alexander Kuiava – Creative Director
Yura Suchak – Concept Supervisor
Paul Bogomazov – Project Manager
Vahagn Simonyan – General Producer

Concept & Idea:
Alexander Kuiava
Jura Suchak
Vahagn Simonyan

3D Animation & Direction:
Alexander Kuiava

3D Animation:
Alex Segodin
Manuel Riedl


  • CLIENT Public Television of Armenia
  • YEAR 2014
  • WE DID Visual Production
  • PARTNERS Alexander Kuiava, Jura Suchak, Vahagn Simonyan,
  • The concept & IdeaMythological Hero's journey from dream commonness through the darkness of despair to the light and rebirth through the help of external allies. Show the human connectedness and support of the external forces in the eternal fights between light and shadow. Trivial reality lulls by predictability – sometimes hard and injuring reality hits through the sleep of welfare. - With passage of time, we overfill negative emotions and pain. - In time, when darkness overwhelms us, we pray heaven for help and we’re hoping for salvation. - At the time when aid is nowhere to await, appears someone (mighty forces or people) that suddenly illuminate us, with giving some hope.
  • VideoThe stylistic of the video is nebulous constellations and separate stars, as a sign of union, multiplying of opposing forces and the ambiguity of reality. Liquid, pulsating black holes / spots, which are absorbing the energy, and which are increasing and become larger through animation of formless particles, and are transforming into the dense dark matter, which covers Aram. Before the beginning of the big explosion, screens act as decor of our world, which show the transformation of detached and cold energy of routine and disunity in the darkness of seething hopelessness and frustration. Particles and constellations are flying along the trajectory from sides to the center point, to Aram, and transforming into a tesseract, passing through the projection zone before the explosion. Also, the light shall be placed gradiently. In a few seconds before the explosion in the hall and on the stage should reign the total darkness and hold on for approximately 2 seconds. After the explosion, the direction of animation and dynamic of the warm scattered light are changing in the opposite direction from the “inside out” from Aram to the hall.
  • Dynamic of LightFrom the cold white through darkness (absence of light) to the natural warm (yellow, red) - Symbolism of colors: scattered white is ordinariness, daily dream; darkness is despair and pain, soft yellow is support and relatedness. Red is a struggle, a desire to win. As far as dark matter appears on the floor, the light should illuminate Aram synchronized with the video with increasing the spot. There must be created the impressions of capturing of Aram with dark matter. Aram must be highlight to his feet, knees, waist, bust, head. Absence of light. The top, side and back counter-tracery light must slowly illuminate the whole scene at the beginning of the song, and with the growth of dark matter and the disappearance of constellations must similar disappear. In a few seconds before the explosion there must be the appearance of columns of saturated warm light from top to bottom in clockwise rotation, forming a circular effect of lighting by one thread that frees Aram from darknes