FM4 Frequency Festival


Сreate a video mapping for special outdoor decoration object at Night Park – Fm4 Frequency Festival / St. Pölten / Austria. Develop video content for the side LED screens and for the central object. Screens control and VJing during the 4 days of the festival.


For the full saturated show, Alexander Kuiava created animation separated on several layers, which were later collected again with a live VJing. Brand “Frequency” characters became three-dimensional. And LEDs screens were filled with bright key Messages. For the full beauty were taken a products of LIME ART GROUP: Video Mapping and Live VJ Loops Packs.


Using specially produced video content (2D, 3D  Character Animation) – we have created a style in every 10 minutes. Using 3D textures – we produced a climate every 20 minutes. Using key messages every 30 minutes – we involve audience to the processes.