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We are biggest Visual Production in Europe!

Today we produced more 10 000 High quality Motion Backgrounds for Art & Entertainment Industry. Filmed more 1000 Video Footages and have in our base more 3000 Customers from more than 80 Countries.

Visuals for Events. 3D Animation for Post-Production.
Video Footages for Film & Media

We are implementing our Skills in the different market segments: VJ Loops, Motion Backgrounds for the Arts, Clubs & Entertainment Industry. Motion Graphics & 3D Animation for Video Post-Production, Video Mapping Projections and Game Design. Video Footages for Media, Virtual Reality & Film-Production. You can find few our Branded Video Stocks bellow.

eurovision visuals armenia

Content Production for Events

We can produce special Visuals for Your Event, Artist or Creative Project. Using best 3D Software, textures and materials we can achive the high sacral iconic look for Your show or the performance! Our Customers are the Leading Video Content providers on their countries regions. For some of our VJ products we can grant 100% money back.

Alexander KuiavaFounder & CEO LIME ART GROUP
I have enough Video Content to "cover" big events such as Olympic Games or Eurovision. We produce Visuals only in high resolution and framerate. Using the powerfull Encoding video codecs our Visuals are compatible with most rated VJ Softwares, Live Show Media Servers. Creating the Trends on the VJ Markets our Customers can be insured that They get best quality Visuals and lot of Supports from our Partners Projects.