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Immersive Visuals and Video Content for Interior Video Projection

Download 360 Videos in 16K and 24K Resolution Special for Indoor Video Mapping and Immersive Projection Shows

Welcome to LIME ART GROUP’s Immersive Visuals category! Our immersive content will help you create amazing and luxurious video art shows with projection mapping technology settings. Explore our cutting-edge technologies and discover the possibilities of immersive content creation. With high-resolution immersive video footage and ultra-wide animations, you can craft your own immersive show. The only limit is your imagination.


What is Immersive Visuals?
What is immersive video content?

Immersive visuals and immersive video content both refer to media experiences designed to deeply engage the viewer, often by surrounding them with high-quality audio-visual content. These experiences aim to create a sense of immersion, where the viewer feels fully immersed in the content, whether it’s a video, animation, or interactive experience.

Immersive visuals typically employ advanced technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), projection mapping, or panoramic video to create environments that surround and envelop the viewer. These technologies can create the illusion of being transported to another location, interacting with virtual objects, or experiencing events in a highly realistic and engaging manner.

Immersive video content specifically refers to video-based media designed to provide an immersive experience. This can include 360-degree videos, which capture a panoramic view of a real-world location or event, allowing viewers to look around and explore as if they were actually there. Immersive video content can also include interactive videos, virtual tours, or video projections designed to create immersive environments in physical spaces.

Overall, both immersive visuals and immersive video content aim to captivate audiences and create memorable experiences by leveraging advanced technologies to engage the senses and transport viewers to new worlds.

On this category you will find a lot of amazing 8K, 16K, and 24K ultra-wide video content and motion backgrounds which you can use for eny environment or any event space. All visuals produced by New Media Artist – Alexander Kuiava – Founder & Creative Director of LIME ART GROUP.