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Own your business with passive income

Buy exclusive license for LIME ART GROUP business in your country!


You have an exclusive opportunity to enter the new media market. Our company LIME ART GROUP produces creative digital content for the Arts, New Media and Entertainment industries. Since 2012, we created a lot of visuals for Video Art and Projection Mapping projects and have in our base over 20 000 Customers from more than 100 Countries.

Today , we launch our new product – Exclusive License for our full digital assets library and LIME ART GROUP company. You will be able to sell exclusively our creative content in your country and make additional passive income.

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Video Art

VJ Loops Packs
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And tutorials for Management
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Video Mapping

Visual Collections

2 Years

  • 2 Years License for Business
  • Only in Your Country
  • Exclusive Rights
  • Visuals for VJing & 3D Mapping
  • 1 Month Transfer Support

30.000 EUR


10 Years License

  • 10 Years License for Business
  • Only in Your Country
  • Exclusive Rights
  • All Content & Assets
  • 1 Year Transfer Support

100.000 EUR


Lifetime License

  • Lifetime License for Business
  • Only in Your Country
  • Exclusive Rights
  • All Content & Assets
  • Website Setup
  • 1 Year Transfer Support

500.000 EUR

We will share with you our 10 years experience and all digital, creative content assets.


You will get  exclusive rights for 2 or 8 years or a lifetime license to sell all our creative content in your country. 100 VJ Loops Packs. 100 Video Mapping Collections and additional, promo content for stimulating your customers. Only You will have exclusive rights to sell in your country. All Visuals & Digital Assets.

We get around 5K-10K EUR monthly by selling content on our website. Depending on Your Management or Marketing skills you can increase this amount and conversions. Basically, our process is fully automated and can work without your fulltime participation

You can get even more revenue and income if you will start doing promotion locally on your market.

Dependending on your License Agreement you can sell our content under the brand LIME ART GROUP or choose another name for your business. After you will purchase one of the company’s license we will block sales on our website for this country. Fair WinWin Model.

Why do we sell?

Why should you start doing business with us and why we are selling our company?

New Challenges

In the new times, we can manage our content better if we cooperate with our partners in different countries.

New Level

Quantity turns into quality. We are interested in selling our video art in large volumes and monetize our company‘s branding.

New Partners

We want to build and grow a network of partners with whom it will be possible to invest in new projects in the future.

Alexander Kuiava

My creative legacy for You!

Today the industry of New Media art is Trending. VJing and Projection Mapping markets are growing every year. Video Content is still a King. My company LIME ART GROUP – could be a your ticket to the new industry. The ticket to the new market. My content, day by day is giving me passive income. Even in such a chaotic 2020 year we still had sales and increased the number of our customers. This License is not only giving you creative content and exclusive rights. But it also provides you with knowledge, tips and understanding how online selling website is working.

While a lot of people and entrepreneurs don’t know where to invest, I am already offering You a great opportunity. Contact me for more information.

Alexander Kuiava

Inside our company

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