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Visuals-Dj motion background for dj's

Motion Backgrounds for talanted Dj’s With so much beautiful music being produced from all over the world. More and more DJ’s are getting to showcase their skills and talents, not only offline but now online too. VJ loops for DJ’s has become an integral part of their performance. DJ’s are making die hard fans with

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Download Free Club Visuals – VJ Video Mix Amazing red color Vj mix for 2 minutes for autopilot loop playback. Special gift by Alexander Kuiava Download at LIME ART GROUP   Best wishes from Vienna, Thanks for your attention, faithfully yours, Alexander Kuiava – Founder & CEO LIME ART GROUP

Fulldome Software

Best Software for Dome Projection Mapping Nothing can be more thrilling than immersing a group of people in a Dome with visuals. The immersive 360 experience can not be duplicated even in a VR headset. Dome projection mapping is a technology that allows you to project on the entire dome. Similar to what you may

green screen keying

Practical tips for keying green screen footage Green screen footage can be a powerful way to create unique visual sets and VFX edits. Most people face problems with getting that clean footage. The edges are either too blurry or too faded, which makes for a poor viewing experience. That’s why this article focuses on some

VJ Software

The mega list of VJ Software and Tools VJ Software and tools have become so advanced now that most of them work as a media server. However not all software is created equal. Some are better for Live VJing while others are better at handling large scale setups like building projection mapping. Setting up multiple

Halloween video backgrounds

Download Free Halloween VJ Loops & Video Footage We have done new visuals for Halloween and want to share it for You absolutely free!  Please note, the 3D characters is made isolated on black background, so you need to MIX MIX MIX with your own content to get better Video VJ Set! Mix more! If

Midi controllers for vj VJING

Browse Midi-Controllers for VJs & Visual Artists Finding the best midi controller for VJ’s and narrowing it down to one or two can be difficult. Each artist has their own playing style. Artists also use different software tools to play live visuals. Having narrowed down a few key elements. LIME ART GROUP prepared the best

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Video Mapping Projectors

Top Video Mapping projectors for video projection mapping You have video mapping content ready, you spent countless hours creating. But you still need a video projector to project that content and create that spectacular projection mapping show. In this post, we bring to you the best video projectors for projection mapping.  As with every step

software for projection mapping

Video mapping can be used for verticals like retail, experiential marketing, museums, entertainment and virtually anything you can think of. The demand for video mapping is constantly growing.  But every mapping project is unique, different pixel resolutions, display surfaces, number of projectors and list goes on.  Best list of Video Mapping Software for Projection Video

Wedding projection mapping

Wedding decorations for projection video mapping Looking to create a bold and unique wedding décor element for your big day? Transform your wedding venue with the help of projection mapping also known as video mapping or video projection mapping. Take your guests on a journey to any city or landscape in the world. Create decorations or

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