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Download Green Screen Video Footage

4K and HD Video Footage with actors over green background.

Download royalty free green screen video clips in Ultra HD and 4K resolution. Amazing Green Screen People, Animals, Effects and 3D animation isolated on green background chroma key. Creative stock videos with greenscreen for video editing and motion graphics design in Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Avid, Final Cut, Davinci Resolve etc.


What is green screen video footage?

Green screen video footage is a type of video footage that is shot against a green background, which is later replaced with a different background or image in post-production using special effects techniques. This technique, also known as chroma keying, is commonly used in the film, television, and multimedia industries to place actors or objects in front of virtual or digital backgrounds. Green is the most commonly used color for this purpose because it is the color that is furthest from human skin tones, making it easier to remove and replace with another background. Green screen video footage is widely available from stock video footage websites, such as LIME ART GROUP, and is often used to create immersive and visually stunning multimedia projects.

Shop chromakey video footage for keying

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