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We create audio-visual content for Events, New Media & Art Projects

HD, 4K, 8K Visuals by LIME ART GROUP

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We produce high quality visuals and video backgrounds, 3D animation, royalty-free video clips for new media and entertainment industry. We are developing 3d animation and motion graphics for events, vj loops and video mixes for dj backgrounds, event visuals and video decorations for concerts and 3d effect and 3d displace textures, maps and transitions for video mapping projection.

Alexander Kuiava

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collaborating dj & vjs

Collaborating with musicians and DJs to create dynamic VJ Loops

| VJing | No Comments
The Art of Collaboration: VJs and Musicians Working Together:  Creating cohesive Visual Sets with DJ's.   I. Introduction A. Definition and explanation of VJ loops B. The role of VJ…
Terms LIME ART GROUP updates

Updates by LIME ART GROUP – Entering to the year 2023

| Updates | No Comments
We have some updates on our website, Please check more information below.   Starting January 1, the company Front FX Group will be managing our website, What does…
The Future of VJ Loops: Predictions and Possibilities

The Future of VJ Loops: Predictions and Possibilities

| Video Stock, VJing | No Comments
Exploring the Future of VJ Loops: What's Next for Visual Artists?   I. Introduction A. Definition and explanation of VJ loops B. The history and evolution of VJ loops C.…

What, where, and why? Explanation for our valued customers

| Updates | No Comments
A few explanations about the products of our LIME ART GROUP company, so that our customers, as well as ordinary users of the website, are better aware of the properties…