Video Mapping Loops Pack Vol.29 – Torn Canvas


Video Mapping Loops Pack Vol.29 – Torn Canvas – 30 outstanding mapping loops for architectural and interior video Projection. Realistic scenes of monochromatic fabric is ripped apart in different ways by invisible force. Tear the solid facade like a piece of cloth!



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Each animated detail looks like a live one, like an important part of the huge body. Every little thing is important in the formation of the whole grand picture. We know what the artist’s perfectionism is. These stunning visuals will help you to satisfy all desired and achieve the unachievable in the field of 3D mapping and VJing. You can also use Video Mapping Loops as Video Displacement Maps and textures for your creative projects on 3D environment, virtual reality or game design!

3D animation of tearing cloth for projection mapping

Look image preview of single projection video mapping loops. Quality of images is a bit compressed for better website performance.

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Destruction is satisfying anyway! Check out 30 high-quality visuals of light gray monochromatic fabric texture ripped apart with flying pieces and fragments by invisible force in different ways – hand, claws, sword or even bullets. Turn the solid facade of a large building into soft cloth or synthetic canvas and tear it into pieces mercilessly! Great mapping content for creating an outstanding illusion for your projection show. Torn Canvas Mapping Loops Pack was produced especially for VJs and Media Artists who’re involved in creating architectural / interior projections or live mixing. For different Architectural Style: Ancient / Islamic / Asian / Gothic / Modern / Baroque / Futuristic / Neo etc. 30 Video Mapping Loops / 4K / 30 fps. 


4K 4096×2304

Frame Rate

30 Fps


Mov Photojpeg


30 clips

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4K 4096×2304












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