Video Mapping Loops Pack Vol.14 – Massive Turn

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34 Full HD 1920X1080 Video Loops 60fps and 9 Panoramic 5760X1080 60fps. The ultimate pack to transform any building project mapping project. 3D wall extrusions, breaking walls, symmetrical and geometric animations. All loops come with alpha background and high contrast shadows for the perfect 3D illusion via projection mapping. Make walls turn, break and deform with Video Mapping Loops Pack Vol.14 – Massive Turn.



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Exclusive projection mapping trends

3D video loops for architectural and interior projection video mapping


Here are visuals you can get totally involved in. Smart lines, mysterious silhouettes, mirrored squares, lights and shadows hop and prance listening to music. Creativity is the secret ingredient — add some imagination and tell the most beautiful visual story, making soulless shapes and lines alive, breathing and dancing. Snorting geometric constructions from The Massive Turn Pack of Video Mapping Loops are waiting to be projected. These visuals were created especially for architectural or interior video mapping and Live Mixing. 

Rotating squares visuals for 3D Projection Mapping

Look image preview of single projection video mapping loops. Quality of images is a bit compressed for better website performance.

Try new solution for video projection show

Animated cubes, squares, triangles motion backgrounds


They would be suitable for any buildings: from ancient to futuristic style. Just use these loops, add some imagination, and you’ll get the best performance in your whole creative life. Massive Turn is a great Video Mapping Loops & VJ Loops Pack which you can use as for Architectural building video projection and for LIVE VJing. Awesome Displace Effect Visuals to get a beautiful art & abstract 3d depth!  Encoded by Quicktime Photojpeg. For different Architectural Style: Ancient / Islamic / Asian / Gothic / Modern / Baroque / Futuristic / Neo etc.


Full HD 1920×1080

Frame Rate

60 Fps


Mov Photojpeg


34 clips

Learn how to use video mapping loops

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Creative digital asset for multipurpose

Royalty free license for all media

Video Projection

3D visuals for video mapping on architecture, interior, dj stage or fulldome. Content for object projection mapping: cubes, triangles.

VJ-ing & Video Mixing

Video loops for vjing & video mixing on events. For touring vj’s & stage performance. For TV broadcasting & online streaming.

Media Texture

Creative digital assets for video editing & post-production projects and 3d environments level-design in virtual reality.

Additional information

FullHD 1920×1080





Alpha Channel







7 Gb


Extended, Standard

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