VJ Loops Pack Vol.84 – Art Glint


Glint is a shimmery, shiny loops pack to light up the stage. Exclusive clips are created especially for events and performance-based shows, music shows or night clubs. High contrast, high energy loops that bring a lot of glamour and shine to your stage shows. A range of clips in various bright colours like gold, electric blue, purple and white, a mix of various colours that are animated with lines and sparkling dots. Highly detailed content with state-of-the-art motion graphics. Download 22 looped vj clips in Ultra HD resolution. ProRes + DXV Mov.

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Ultra HD Video Art for LED Screens & Video Projections

Abstract Glint Rays Ultra HD Visuals


Light up the screen with high-energy effects. Created by professional motion graphic artists, this highly detailed loops pack is power packed with effects. Lines, god’s rays, dots, and other shine effects give you effects never seen before. Geometric shape animations with patterns create an aura of glamour and pure energy. Fast-paced visuals, with a futuristic look. Carefully created dots and lines that take your audience on a journey like never before.

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Abstract rays Motion Video Backgrounds


Enhance your shows with this exclusive high energy loops pack. Futuristic effects that shine and glow, lines that dance and move, dots that take you on a journey. Mixes creatively to create unique effects that lead to high energy vortex like animations. Perfect for mega stage shows or where you want to enhance the performance or increase audience energy.

looped videos

UHD looped motion backgrounds

Look image preview of single vj loops by LIME ART GROUP. Quality of images is a bit compressed for better website performance.


UltraHD 3840×2160

Frame Rate

29 Fps


Mov ProRes + DXV


22 clips

Creative digital asset for multipurpose

Live Event Design

Amazing HD & 4K visuals for event decoration and live events production. Eye-candy motion backgrounds for led screens and interior video projection.

Broadcasting & Streaming

Original video content for online events or tv broadcasting. Exclusive vj footage for different video mixing software & media servers.

Video & Post-Production

Creative digital assets for video editing & post-production projects, live virtual production and 3d environments in virtual reality.

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UltraHD 3840×2160










20 Gb


Extended, Standard

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