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If you want to know how to make awesome building projections, create 3d effects in diiferent styles, perform your architecture live, this article and video mapping tutorials will help you to do this.
First what you gonna do is to find, buy, download or create special tools,  video mapping  content and vj video mapping software.

How to make 3D projection mapping using Adobe After Effects

Here is a list required things for projection mapping

  • 1. 3d model, front image of your  building, texture or plan
  • 2. Content which you will project to your architecture, object or interior. You can do it by yourself or download on our VJ Loops Shop
  • 3. VJ Software for live operating
  • 4. VJ Hardware, equipment: Video projectors, etc.

1. Use frontview of architecture facade. Import image to after effect. Choose the digital area of projection. Prepare your architectural texture:  cut with mask, colorize, mix.

2. Animate image texture with simple effects in After Effects if you want. Use in and out video transitions. Use Video Mapping Loops as background for your acrhitecture.  Blend your animation to the image texture with stencil luma effect. You can also use it direct in Special VJ Software without preperation in After Effects

Video Mapping Loops Tutorials


3. Choose different animated architectural elements by one of Video Mapping Toolkit product line:
Arcs, pediments, Columns, Pilasters, Balustrades, Crenelations, Cupols, Windows and more. Correct the size and position regarding to your architecture texture. Mix elements with timing. Change position on timeline. Video Mapping Toolkit is an animated architectural elements with different animation texture styles: Polygons, Glitch, Wireframe, Lines & Strokes, Growing Plants, Water simulation and fluids and more. All in PNG Scenes wish alpha channel. Up to 60 fps. frames per second.


Projection Mapping Toolkit Tutorials


4. Buy one of special VJ Software: Resolume, Arkaos, Madmapper, Vusition or other to operate live and setup your projection mapping texture to the building. In our next articles we will show you the benefits of all vj software and video projectors. Thanks for Attention and note: Video Mapping is only a game of Light and Shadow. (C)

5. If you would like to learn more about Projection Video Mapping and study to get great skills in the industry go to new online learning platform for media art – Frontskill. Coming soon we will launch Video mapping course for beginner and middle level users.


Thanks for your attention, faithfully yours,
Alexander Kuiava – Founder & CEO LIME ART GROUP


video mapping


Visuals for 3D Video Mapping

Royalty free content for projection mapping show

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