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Video mapping can be used for verticals like retail, experiential marketing, museums, entertainment and virtually anything you can think of. The demand for video mapping is constantly growing.  But every mapping project is unique, different pixel resolutions, display surfaces, number of projectors and list goes on. 

Best list of Video Mapping Software for Projection Video Show

Therefore it’s important to choose the right video mapping software for your project.  You may want to choose software depending on the scope of your project. Some are better for live visuals others for timeline shows or interactive projections. In this post, I will present the top 5 video mapping software that can make mapping a breeze.  Let’s get started here.

Resolume Arena  

If you play live visuals (vj) and are looking to get into projection mapping Arena will be your best friend for video projection mapping or LED mapping. One of the oldest VJ software in the market, they have come a long way. Arena is a powerful media server, which can serve many projectors connected to your computer.  I have persoanlly connected 8 projectors on one machine and had Resolme Arena run like a breeze.  Since Arena is built for live visuals, you will find this as your best options for peforming live when projection mapping. The output panel allows you to create multiple slices and gives your various options for mapping like Grids, Points, Curves etc.  As a beginner to projection mapping, you will find Arena very intuitive and easy to use.  Resolume Arena offers all the bells and whistles you need in mapping software. You can plug in as many projectors as your computer can handle.



video mapping



Another software that we can recommend for live performance video mapping is MadMapper. Built from the ground up for the sole purpose of projection mapping, MadMapper has everything you need to create the perfect live show. One cool feature of MadMapper is its 3D spatial scanner. That allows you to scan an object to create a 3D scene. If you into programming you can use the material editor to create generative materials. Control and array of pixels or LEDs. All in all, MadMapper is a comprehensive video mapping software that allows you to control more of your stage elements besides projection mapping. Similar to Resolume Arena in terms of capabilities, but a completely different interface. If you have use Modul8 as a VJ software you will find MadMapper to be intuitive.  Can handle multiple projectors, control lights (DMX), 3D Calibration, and many other useful features. MadMapper a lot of people swear by this software. Looking to create that perfect show with visuals and light co-ordinated? Then MadMapper can be your solution. MadMapper 3.6 features a completely redesigned cueing system, allowing for scenes and presets triggering. And a live code editor to edit materials on the go.






Mapio2 is not for live performances, it’s for permanent installations, theatrical shows, video production houses, and the likes. Mapio2 is super easy to get started with, a clean minimal interface with all the features you need from a professional grade video mapping software.  One of my favorite video mapping software. Using Mapio is easy, the output has many options like grid, line, point etc. to easily go in and map your output precisely. Unlike other software where you have to make a grid to pick points for mapping, Mapio gives your the option to pick any point from your output and adjust it.  It also supports a huge array of video formats. Mapio is a great option if you are looking to create a permanent installation or running a timecode based show.



Millumin is a complete video mapping tool. You will easily adapt your media to projection surfaces, use masks and warping tools so your images will fit perfectly the surfaces in real life. You can control any DMX/Artnet enabled device. Also, Millumin allows you to quickly and easily create light-plots, as well as record chases and light transitions. Lastly, Millumin supports various USB-DMX converter.


If you are looking for some content inspiration, head over to our VJ Loops Shop and download some awsome 3D mapping video content, to get started with you next project. Those are the best 5 video mapping software’s currently in the market. Besides these, there are powerhouse media servers that you may want to look at for those massive installations. Watchout, D3, Ai, among others.


Best wishes from Vienna,
Thanks for your attention, faithfully yours,
Alexander Kuiava – Founder & CEO LIME ART GROUP


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