VJ Loops Pack Vol.83 – Vivid Wheat


Looking to create a spectacular stage effect? This collection of video loops is your answer. Light up any stage or video backdrop with these festive and larger than life visuals. Exclusively created by visual artists for music related events. Stunning light rays and line effects, that are both minimal and impactful. A lot of color and movement that can highlight anyone performing infront of them, from dancers to musicians to nightclubs, these vj clips will add mega light effects to your video display.

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Full HD Visuals for LED Screens & Video Projections

Blue, pink and gold wheat stylized in abstract lines animation


Easily create high-energy backdrops with these ultra-sharp, fast-paced visual effects. Created using simple line art, with crazy effects for energy and excitement. Find a range of loops in various colours, like gold, yellow, white, purple, pink, and multi-colour effects. Lots of glows, right rays and shine effects make the visuals stand out and bring massive amounts of energy to the screen. TImed to dance and techno music, with beat flashes, fast-paced effects and other visual stimulations. Perfect loops for music events, corporate shows, or any other event where you need high energy.

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Full HD Abstract Lines Motion Video Backgrounds


Stunning surreal effects with simple line art. Never seen before, high energy minimal line art effects, that can make any screen or video backdrop come alive. Timed to high energy fast paced music events, nightclubs and other places where you need lots of light effects.

looped videos

FullHD motion backgrounds

Look image preview of single vj loops by LIME ART GROUP. Quality of images is a bit compressed for better website performance.


FullHD 1920×1080

Frame Rate

29 Fps


Mov ProRes + DXV


40 clips

Creative digital asset for multipurpose

Live Event Design

Amazing HD & 4K visuals for event decoration and live events production. Eye-candy motion backgrounds for led screens and interior video projection.

Broadcasting & Streaming

Original video content for online events or tv broadcasting. Exclusive vj footage for different video mixing software & media servers.

Video & Post-Production

Creative digital assets for video editing & post-production projects, live virtual production and 3d environments in virtual reality.

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FullHD 1920×1080










5 Gb


Extended, Standard

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