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VJ Loops Pack – Black Glass

99.00 €

Abstract and tunnel concert video backgrounds.

Product Description

VJ Loops Pack – Black Glass: Full HD 60fps

Abstract and  concert video backgrounds. Special for concert video decorations and music shows.

Robotic reality Black Glass Visual makes your brain restart and function more effectively. Rocket driving in a black sky with weapons and spears. Colour background is grading from antracite black to red and to the combination of white and black which give hope and optimism. The visual is produced in high quality Full HD video resolution and framerate 60fps. You can find more visuals like Black Glass at Vj Loops category. The product will be organically used in different fantastic shows, car racing and fantasy movies. The unique transformation of colour and patterns.

Produced by Alexander Kuiava / LIME ART GROUP

The Full Pack Preview.

30 High quality Vj Loops produced with love for VJ’s and Visual Artists. Quicktime Photojpeg Encoded. Compatible with Resolume, Arkaos, Modul8, VDXM VJ Software. Follow us in FACEBOOK to join more Contest and get more Gifts!

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After purchasing vj loops packs for more of 300 Euro by LIME ART GROUP –  You also will get an accses to Free download Full HD  special free video loops packs (Partner Access to Visual Cloud)
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Additional Information


30 Video Loops


1920 X 1080 Full HD


60 fps


Quicktime Photojpeg & DXV

Fields of use

Music Shows, Big Concerts.




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