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The year 2020 showed the whole world how business in almost all markets can simply sink. It would seem that the entertainment and performance industry has died, and you need to urgently look for other work. The DJs first denied, then were joking, then part by part were selling their DJ equipment. Almost everyone, from a local artist to world-class stars, canceled their concerts and performances all around the world.

What should VJs do in this case? Change the activity type? Go online or sit and wait?


We, LIME ART GROUP, have our own point of view on the pandemic issue and want to give you some good tips on why being a VJ means your transition to the PREMIUM segment.

As you know, the next wave of digitalization has begun. The trend is that everyone goes online. Real learning is replaced by online learning. Luxury restaurants are replaced by delivery. Organizers of large festivals migrated in online through virtual production technologies, providing even more opportunities for creativity. And VJs, who previously worked in clubs or at festivals, faces a problem – what to do next and how to live?

In this sense, we can say that VJs are very lucky. After all, their work, which previously came out of the PC via the HDMI output and was transmitted to the LED screen or video projection, can also be integrated into a virtual show. But you don’t even need to leave the house and all you need is a stable Internet to connect to any event remotely.

Thanks to the pandemic, VJs from anywhere in the world can create a video performance or embed his video art from anywhere in almost any artist’s performance, club event, online concert. It turns out that in the sense of digitalization, a large rich world market has opened up for VJs. Any artist, DJ, event company from any country can become your client. Working from home, you will no longer spend money on transport and logistics. And most importantly – you will save a lot of time. But what is even more interesting, having a prepared video mix in your arsenal and having a good & fast Internet connection, it is possible to simultaneously participate in 2 or 3 online events.

If you think abstractly from VJing and look into creating a 3D environment, VJ opens up an even larger set of tools for implementing its most daring ideas online.

You can find some articles in the style of “The pandemic will kill the show business market” and, it says, everything will go online. But this is not quite true. As my experience, by creating VJ content and working in the studio since 2014, I have already placed myself on some kind of self-isolation. So, while rendering video footage, I stayed at the computer for days. The constant work with social medias and promoting my content on the Internet pulled me more and more in the digital world. In summary, looking at myself, how the Internet tried to change my mind, I can state a very simple, but important thought.

“Human needs human”

Yes, initially, immersion in online events and the virtual environment will seem interesting and fun. But how long can you stay there without spiritual, energetic, or even physical contact with another person?

Therefore, it seems to me that, thanks to the pandemic, the VJ market will only benefit and simply split into online and offline. Today, the mass online market is considered very promising and money-making, but this is only a trend. In the future, all offline events will still rise in price, since it will be considered exclusive, as an elite segment. And as a result, all suppliers of offline events will be able to earn more.


Wait for this moment, stay afloat. VJing is art, and it will never die…


Best wishes from Vienna,
Thanks for your attention, faithfully yours,
Alexander Kuiava – Founder & CEO LIME ART GROUP


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