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VJ Loops Shop

Thank You for Your interest to our company LIME ART GROUP and our art and media projects. Bellow You can find short description about VJs Loops Shops and Stock Video Footage websites.

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3d video mapping projection

This time we want to share a corporate experience of LIME ART GROUP with our readers. Occasionally, during the communication process with our clients interested in video mapping producing services we face certain problems. This article is aimed to provide you with several strategies for successful overcoming the barriers to search of optimal contractor for

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vj software

Top 10 Best VJ Software. Rating Top-10 Opportunely, the market can offer a variety of commercial applications that will enable you to empower your specific VJ talent in legal terms. This definitely adds to self-respect and reputation in professional communities, just like using copyrighted vj loops for your performances. What’s more, the top 10 best of today’s commercial

Vj Vjing

God is a VJ? DJ is often compared with a God and a dance floor with life, respectively.  However who is a VJ on this feast of holy spirit? Presumably, a VJ can be considered a Lucifer, so-called “shining star”, a fallen angel, fleeing into the darkness and fooling others, luring them with lightning visuals

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how to make video mapping

How to make 3d video mapping projection? How to create projection 3d mapping with After Effects? Watch our Video Mapping Tutorials

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VJ Gallery vjing

Visual Vjing Experiments – AV Gallery We will start to do Artist’s VJ Events at AV Galerie (Vienna / Austria). If You have an interest to join us and do Live Visual set, please write to:

Projection mapping types

3D video mapping projections You can divide for 4 types. 3D video projection mapping is all the rage now. Every project show can be enhanced with the use of 3D video mapping content. Even though it’s been done for a while now, each show has unique effects that make it a novelty for viewers. There are

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