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LIME ART GROUP has opened a new Green Screen Studio.

Hello world, we have opened a new chromakey green screen video studio to produce more creative content for You! At the location we have high quality lighting quipment with highest color rendering index CRI to achive best results in Video and Photography content production. Every day we are working to film a produce new green screen footage, adding special effects and 3d animation inspired by best motion graphics trends we have a result ultra high quality HD and 4K Video Art VJ Loops content for entertainment, art projects. You can download our VJ Loops Packs in our LIME ART GROUP Shop

The main feature of our new studio is 7m green screen, where LIME ART GROUP will create new amazing footages, clips, interesting photoes and many other. Also there is a wide range of photo backgrounds, stages and different props and equipment. Our main goal is to create new unusual and impressive content to amaze people and open new way of thinking and perception of life. That’s why we create our own equipment, props, furniture, etc.

The studio is equipped with differet types of light, which give a lot of new possibilities to create new interesting compositions and visions. We are ready for new experiments and we are full of ideas!We create with love, and send the best vibes to our customers through our content!


Best wishes from Vienna,
Thanks for your attention, faithfully yours,
Alexander Kuiava – Founder & CEO LIME ART GROUP

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