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How does artificial intelligence (AI) see VJs and the entire creative industry?

Recently, the great developers from OpenAI gave me an access to the DALL-E platform. For which we are grateful to them a lot. I immediately wanted to know how AI sees the industry that I am interested in.

Can it create photorealistic photos of people behind the video console?
Can it create content that we will be able to apply in our work as new media artists?

I think yes. But, the result that I saw, writing the desired text in one field, to put it mildly, is not complete. People’s faces are still amorphous and blurry. I don’t know which and where the dataset was taken by the DALL-E developers in order to generate the necessary pictures based on it, but I think in the future this technology must be adopted by all artists and professionals working in the creative industry.

But right here a number of very important questions arise. What will be the copyright for such a picture generated by a neural network. If, for example, it is based on 100,000 pictures that belong to real artists, designers, illustrators, then it turns out that the author of the newly generated picture is you, the AI developers, as well as 100,000 people who provided copyright to their work for subsequent generation by neural network. Can these pictures be sold? Now or in the future? Should I mention the authors of the entire dataset, or just the developers.

In general, all DALL-E users get the right to distribute generated images, including for their commercial purposes. You can print pictures on merchandising products, sell pictures, etc. Users have already said that they are going to use DALL-E for illustrations in books, character creation for computer games, in design and much more.


Here are a few variants that I generated in 3 seconds, writing this text and pulling the idea out of my head…

Video jockey beautiful blonde girl is performing new vj video mix on cyber punk stage

Look of video jockey in metaverse

Look of video jockey in metaverse trend of 2030

Video jockey astronaut in steampunk space


Vj astronaut in steampunk space _ DALL·E

A 3D render of a video jockey android in lounge

A 3D render of a God Video Jockey on the stage

A 3D render of a God Video Jockey having a battle

3D designer is rendering a motion backgrounds

Video jockey on a dancefloor in front of LED WALL


A Vj making video performance using vj loopsGod is a VJ. God is a Video Jockey _ DALL·E

The result of the quality of pictures, as well as hitting on the topic, you can judge for yourself. Still, I think that in 2-3 years, there will be almost 100% hit on the desired topic, and the quality of objects in the picture will be extremely high… And probably in another 3-4 years or earlier, we will get an AI render, or rather AI generation of video content, or at least image sequences. But now…


An abstract vj loops for vjing _ DALL·E

video mapping loops generated by ai

Beautiful Ballet dancing blonde girl on green screen generated by AI


Fashion Portrait of Beautiful Ballet dancing blonde generated by AI

Most stunning live visuals on a floating screen

VJ Video Clips for vjing on stage with LED screens

Best stage design trends in year 2030

A 3D render of futuristic STAGE DESIGN

Projection mapping on a building facade


The great thing is that the barrier to entry for developing creative content is getting cheaper. In the next few years, we will get multiple increases in digital content. And unfortunately, a large number of materials will lead to the fact that everyone will do something similar using the same neural network, which basically has the same datasets. This means that one of the criteria for growth in the future, in this ocean of digital copies, will definitely be the IDEA, as well as a personal brand, or a company brand, as a conductor of this idea…

I hope this article was helpful to you. Follow the updates of the blog of the LIME ART GROUP company.


Best wishes from Vienna,
Thanks for your attention, faithfully yours,
Alexander Kuiava – Founder & CEO LIME ART GROUP

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