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A full list of VJ Software and video tools for vj’s

VJ Software and tools have become so advanced now that most of them work as a media server. However not all software is created equal. Some are better for Live VJing while others are better at handling large scale setups like building projection mapping. Setting up multiple projectors can get tricky, these tools aim to make that process easier and smoother for you. Most VJ Softwares have now evolved to the level of working as media servers. In this list, we try to cover the latest software tools. From small events, permanent installations to large scale video shows, these tools can help you get the job done.

The ultimate list of Video VJ Softwares


Been in the market for a long time now, VDMX is the goto tool for many artists. It’s a powerful software with live video input, quartz compositions, custom layout, audio analysis and more. VDMX is a versatile software with many options for creating a modular interface. You can customize the interface to perfectly match your show requirements. A great tool to explore for live visuals, audio-reactive content, music events and such.



Resolume has become the goto software for a huge part of the VJ industry. A powerful software that makes it a breeze to start VJing and going from beginner to hero in no time. Resolume Arena brings with it all the power you need to create spectacular video mapping shows, LED installs. Built for the visual artist with a passionate team, this software is constantly evolving. This is can be a great software to start your career with.



As a Mac user, you may find Modul8 very convenient to use. A flexible and customizable user interface. Easy to use and get started with, yet powerful in its features. Modul8 has all the bells and whistles you need to VJ live and impress your clients/audience. Modul8 also connects with MadMapper then next generation extension for professional video projection mapping shows. Modul8 + MadMapper can be used for extensive setups that require you to control lights and other such elements.



Arkaos is another options as a full-blown VJ software which also offers video projection mapping. Many people love to use Arkaos especially if they come from a music background. If you are a DJ /  Musician looking to create VDJ Show, this might the best bet for you. Links directly with Pioneer Pro DJ network. A great tool to create your synced visual experience.



As a VDJ this can be a great tool to play live, it connects to the ever popular Serato series of software. Easy to use, light and fast, the perfect solution to playing live visuals with your DJ set. MixEmergency can send and receive high definition video streams over your local network using NewTek’s innovative NDI technology. You can mix video between computers, easily change between Video DJs, mix with 3 or more decks, send your mix to a VJ, or send your mix to professional video production software.


Synthesia Live – Live Visuals

Want to play live generative visuals, Synthesia live could your answer. This tool is perfect for creating audio-reactive generative visuals. VJs, creative coders, and musicians can harness the potential of Synthesia to create immersive and generative content. It’s a free tool, which comes with a scene library to get you started.


CoGe VJ – VJ Tool

A semi-modular VJ Software, that allows you to build environments that suits you best. You won’t be stuck with a pre-defined interface. The only limit is the computing power of your machine/graphics card. CoGe is powerful and flexible, with audio-analysis, connecting with other software like Quartz, IFS generator, VUO image generators, Syphon sources for live camera and other inputs.


Smode Studio – Interactive Media Server

Smode is a powerful all in one suit that offers you the flexibility of a VJ software along with a full-blown media server. Built from the ground up for visual artists Smode focuses on giving stunning visual performances. Control visuals using Audio, Midi, OSC and display directly or use the power of Smode with spout to run visuals into your favorite VJ software


VPT – Toolkit

Video Projection Tool is a free projection mapping tool. Using VPT does have a slight learning curve. But it’s a powerful free tool that allows you to create shows. It comes with all the essentials you need, like OSC, midi, audio analysis. Built using C++ if you are a creative coder this can be your tool of choice to create mind-blowing shows.


VVVV – Interactive Media

Think of this as a toolkit, a node based software that opens up the creative abilities of your hardware. Allowing you to create just about anything you can visualize. Live data input, motions tracking, OpenCV, multi-screen projection. VVVV opens up the world of creative possibilities. Allowing you to easily create live media environments.



The multi-projector-mapper (MPM) is an open-source software framework for 3D projection mapping using multiple projectors. It contains a basic rendering infrastructure and interactive tools for projector calibration.


Painting with Light – Video Art

A versatile tool for artists who like generating content on the fly. Painting With Light is a complete video mapping tool for artists of any technical ability to paint with static and moving images through any video projector onto 3D physical objects.


Sparck – Immersive Content

Want to create an immersive interactive spatial augmented reality installation, Sparck is a cross-platform tool. You can project real-time generated virtual content. It helps you to turn your world into a 360° VR environment no matter the shape of your surfaces.


Edge – Media Server

A system developed specifically for video mapping. You can use edge to enhance any projector, display or LED wall. Use this for permanent installations for advertising, museums, retail and other places where you need a robust solution. Edge C is a video server, Edge DS is for digital signage which allows you to centrally control and manage your digital signage solutions.


Mapstard – Media Server

This is a timeline controlled video server, not really for live VJing. It’s a solution for running controlled shows, where you have pre-defined content to play. Multiple media types such as videos, audio files, images, custom text, camera input, 3D models can be loaded and playback simultaneously on multiple projection surfaces through different video output devices. With the built-in DMX functionalities, multiple DMX universes can be timeline controlled to include lighting in your AV-Show.


Millumin – VJ Tool

Millumin goes beyond your average VJ Software. It can be used as a media server, with powerful features that can make any show a success. You can load 3D models for mapping, control light fixtures, connect with external controllers, timeline your show and much more. Millumin is easy to learn and fast to setup.


Visution – Projection Mapping

Mapio2 by Visution is one of the most versatile video projection mapping software. With advances features for video mapping, it lets you pick any point (pixel) on the screen to manipulate. Unlike other tools which restrict you with grid points. The good part is Mapio2 allows you to throw virtually any video format into your media playlist. Perfect for multi-screen setups, projection mapping and permanent installs with a show mode and autostart.


Vioso – Projection Mapping

Multi-Projector setups can be tricky with edge blending, especially when you have a curved screen. That’s where Vioso tries to make it easy for you. An easy to use interface, it’s easy to learn and deploy. It even comes with a rendering engine of its own, allowing you to deliver high-quality content. There are many variants to the software they offer. Worth having a look at their website if you have a commercial project with good budgets.


Scalable Display – Auto Projection Alignment & Blending

Scalable Display Technologies provides a patented technology that used a camera to automatically wrap and align projectors up to 16 from a single PC. For a permanent installation, this can be very useful, reducing on-site visits and provide robust software to align and wrap your image. Scalable is application independent, use their automatic wrapping & blending for your setup, while using your favorite VJ software and media server software.


VUO – Interactive Media

VUO is another node based environment for creating new media installations. VUO is similar to creative coding tools like Processing, OpenFrameworks, TouchDesigner, etc. It comes with easy to use modules that can get you started with a variety of interactive video projects without any coding.


NotchVFX – Real Time Graphics

A relatively new entry, but a powerful one. NotchVFX, a real-time production software. Works seamlessly with leading media server like Ai, Disguise and more. You can create mind-blowing motion graphics, real-time tracking, virtual worlds and a whole lot more. This one is becoming a leader in creating experiential zones for entertainment. The possibilities are endless with Notch, for creating user-generated content, real-time screen content, a live event can now really be fully live.


Dataton Watchout – Media Server

A very popular media server. Works on a network of computers connecting your main machine to control slave machines. Allowing you to connect as many projectors as your hardware can handle. Easily create timeline shows, similar to using video editing tools. This is a great option for corporate shows where you need to run content on cue. Watchout display output only works if you buy their dongle.


Ai Server – Media Server

Avolites bought Ai Server from a small team. Since then they have been pushing it to the market while upgrading its features. Integrates with leading hardware and software that run behind the console at any show. Ai is great for large scale setups, permanent installs. Everything you need to control your show. Integrates with NotchVFX for your real-time shows. Ai is a powerhouse headed by one of the leaders in show technology.


Disguise – Media Server

One of the leading media servers in the market. Popularly is known as D3, it a powerhouse. You can create the best video and light shows with this kind of a server. Takes you from conceptualization to final production. Their inbuilt visualization tools can help you work with a team of artists, programmers and project managers, making it easier to get the perfect event from concept to finish. It has virtually limitless in capabilities.


Hippotizer – Media Server

Hippotizer by Geen Hippo, is another leading media server, with roots dating back to the very beginning of the live visual industry. Their hardware solution comes with an unparalleled software solution. From pixel mapping to projection mapping, small scale to large scale, this is a great media server to go for. If you are looking for a all-in solution, which includes hardware and software.


Content is still King

With all these media servers and VJ tools, you still need content, head over to LIME ART GROUP VJ Shop to get the perfect media for your new shiny screens! Love this article? Get more content like on LIME ART GROUP Blog. If we missed software send us a message and we will add it to the list.

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