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Forming Trends changing Perceptions


Forming Trends & Changing Perceptions

Video Production, Multimedia Show, or Graphic Design
we will offer you the best the industry of media impressions is capable of today.
We always give more, carrying directional influence on the audience,
implementing key messages of our clients in its memory.

Video Mapping

Impressive Video Show. Create your own video performance with the help of our specialists.
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Interactive Video Systems

Technologies are moving us into a world where line between real & virtual disappears.
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Live Visual

The public demands unusual show, bright impressions and fresh ideas.
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Special Show

Every, the most insane idea can be implemented!
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Video & Post Production

2D & 3D Animation. Motion Graphics. VFX. Documentary. Viral, Brand, Promo Videos.
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Graphic Design

Do you love to look at the beautiful touching surfaces?!
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Look, impress, order!

When you are busy with something interesting, inspiring and helpful for people, time flies very fast. The 2013-2014 went for the LIME ART GROUP team as one day. Projects were followed by one another, like lightning, silhouettes of cities of different parts of the world were fixed on the retina. Ideas of our customers embodied much better than it expected.

There is no doubt that it is impossible to accommodate in 90 seconds all of our emotions, insights, findings, all thanks from our customers, all delight, surprise of the involved audience. Nevertheless, the mood of our work in 2013-2014 we contain in a small video-report, which demonstrating the major projects of LIME ART GROUP – the creative achievements of the past year!

PDF Presentation

Media Products

Not all of ideas can be realized immediately.
But we dream, play and try!

Video Loops & Footages

Video Solutions for all formats of video show.
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Visual Decorations

Previously, you have seen only a sci-fi movie. Now we can make it your reality.
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Interactive Applications

Add color. Send the message. Create the trend. And simply change your world!
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We are proud of each of our Project

Every time we show, that we value our customers and respect our partners by thinking wider,
acting locally and doing our work responsibly and with pleasure.
Let our projects tell more about us.
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