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A few explanations about the products of our LIME ART GROUP company, so that our customers, as well as ordinary users of the website, are better aware of the properties of products and how they can use them for their own purposes… For today, our company has developed and is already selling several product lines. The best way to see them is in our main menu. Or in the sidebar menu on the category or store page.

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 Basically, the products can be divided into three main sections.

  1. For VJ-ing, video performances, DJ events, online streaming.
  2. For projection mapping video shows, video mapping or fulldome
  3. For video post-production and motion design.

Other sections that are relevant to the topic of the event, for example

  1. Weddings
  2. National holidays
  3. Halloween
  4. Christmas

Or has a better compilation for a customer,
For example:

  1. Packs
  2. Collections
  3. Bundles
  4. HDD Kits (Content on Harddrive)


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Here the main category is VJ Loops. In it you will find video sets of video footage, video backgrounds for a variety of tasks. You can mix video loops yourself at concerts, discos, festivals. Or use our video content to add an animated DJ or company logo there and sell the complete video mix as a video installation for your customer. Usually, in one pack, there are at least 20 video loops. But in fact, more than 25, 30, 40, 50. There are packs in which there are even 100 loops… See the detailed description on the product page itself. In some VJ packs, additional color variations of the footage are specially made. And in some cases, the position of the main elements or images has been changed so that our client has the choice to use the footage that best suits the composition of his video screens or video projections.

For example, there are loops where we deliberately highlight the central object. There are those that have the main animation on the left and right side of the screen. This is done specifically so that, for example, an artist, or a DJ who is in the center, has special visual content that seems to diverge from him. There is also a variation that we call PATTERN. This is perfect if you want to completely fill in the entire background, or your interior with the help of projection.

We also add video content that has only one element and only on a black background or with an alpha channel. This is not done out of “poverty”))… but so that you also try a little and create your own live compositions by mixing several video layers. We are trying to give in one VJ pack both completely ready-made VJ footage, which theoretically no longer need an additional mix. Which you can just turn on, put on autopilot, and go dancing. But also a more isolated animation which requires your video mixing and adding new layers…

We render videos using several codecs. Mov Photojpeg, Mov ProRes, Mov DXV – a special codec for a VJ software, Resolume. VJ loops have a variety of topics. In our store, you will find both abstract animations, as well as themed or with explicit symbols.

Projection mapping

In this section, we have two main categories. These are Video Mapping Loops and Video Mapping Toolkits. These are two main types of products that will help you create a beautiful video mapping show on a facade of any architecture or on some objects.

Video Mapping Loops are video files just like VJ Loops, you get Mov format videos. They are specially made monochromatic in order to use them for changing the geometry of your facade or as a mask through the desired blending mode. Each pack contains from 20 to 50 video clips in Full HD or 4K resolutions. Various types of animations are presented: explosions, breaks, extrusions, lines, liquids, particles, cube patterns and up to full 3D character animations. You can use Video Mapping Loops directly in special VJ and video mapping programs using the desired blending mode, or you can prepare your content in After Effects program by applying mapping loops to the front texture of your facade. There is also a small category of visuals for fulldome projections. In fact, these are the same video mapping loops, just made especially for fulldome in a radial form.

Video Mapping Toolkits have a bit different specifics, method of use and result. If 3D mapping loops are designed to change geometry of a facade, break, explode, move, distort, then toolkits, on the contrary, should “highlight” individual elements of the facade of your building. Mapping loops can be used in the whole as a background for the entire composition, while toolkit elements are put on top in a separate layer on various facade details. In fact, Video Mapping Toolkits are a set of animated facade elements. In the pack you get a separate animation for each element: columns, windows, cornices, arches, domes, etc. Their difference is also that they are all rendered with an alpha channel and in PNG format. A large number of frames, files in a folder, form a sequence that is best used in After Effects by overlaying them at the right position on the facade of a building. But also, in the Resolume program, it is possible to use a direct PNG sequence, just drag and drop the entire folder into the Resolume program bank.

In the article How to make a Video Mapping Show, we have included some video tutorials on how to use video mapping loops and toolkits.

The animation of each element is rendered at a height of 1080 pixels. This is the height of Full HD Resolution. This means that when working with a 2, 3 or 4 storey building facade texture, for example, you can increase the resolution of your final composition to a height of 2304 (4K) pixels or more, depending on the number of storeys of your building… For example, the first floor – the elements of arches or arcades – 1080 pixels, the second floor – columns and pilasters + 1080 pixels, the third floor – windows and cornices + 1080 pixels, etc. I hope the logic is clear. If not, see our tutorials.

Animation for 3D Projection Mapping

Developed & produced by New Media Artist – Alexander Kuiava

Video and post-production

In this section, we also have two main categories. These are Green Screen Footage and video clips with an Alpha channel.

Green screen videos is high-quality video footage shot with models and actors in our studio on a green screen. If you are familiar with motion design, then there is no need to tell you what a green screen is for. But we have clients who don’t know what it is, so let’s write just a few words on this topic. Using green screen video, you can separate the green screen from an object on it, without loss in quality, creating the necessary meaning, idea or theme that is needed for your commercial or branded film. For example, we have a collection of dancing ballerinas against the green background. By separating the green background, and putting a video of the UK flag on the background, we get one meaning. If we install video footage of the space, we get a different meaning and variation. All of our greenscreen videos are shot in either Ultra HD or 4K resolution at high framerate, 30,50,60 fps. Each pack has a different number of files or framerate. See a detailed description on the specific product page.

Video with an alpha channel – these are sets and collections of different video clips, both captured on camera and rendered in special 3D programs. In the alpha channel video category, you can also see some green screen footage that are already separated from the green background for you and rendered with an alpha channel without quality loss. Some of the single green screen footage from the sets are combined into new collections in this category. This is done to give our customers a choice. You can do keying yourself, or you can buy a ready-made one with an alpha channel…

Also, in this category there are some 3D animations with an alpha channel. Various 3D elements, objects and animations that you can integrate into your video projects. Also, video mapping toolkits have an alpha channel, but we did not add them to this category, since there are a lot of them, and they have their own named category…

Now a few words about our content compilations


Single clips. We do not sell single videos on the LIME ART GROUP website. Some of them you can get for free by subscribing to our newsletters, and some we sell on other partner stock platforms, like or In any case, it seems to us that buying a single video is not very profitable for a client… But still, for some clients, we may provide this opportunity on the sites described above.

Video Packages is a set of video clips that are united by one theme, animation style, visual meaning and technical characteristics. For example, 20 spans in a tunnel, 30 dancing ballerinas in white, 25 video clips with Greek ornaments. 24 clips of glowing abstract rays and so on. Basically all video clips in our packs have the same framerate and resolution.

Video Collections is a set of video clips that can be of different themes, animation styles, or technical specifications. For example, from our 50 VJ packs, we can take one clip and create a separate collection. Or, for example, we can take different dancing women from different green screen packs. Separately a belly dancer, ballerina or go-go striptease dancer. By compiling these clips, we can create a separate collection, Common Dances, for everyone. We make such compilations in our store in order to give our customers a wide choice. After all, not everyone needs 30 videos of dancing ballerinas, or spans through a tunnel…

Video Bundles is one of the premium categories. Bundles are built from several video packs or collections. For example, 5 VJ loop packs in 1 bundle, or 8 in 1 or 10 in 1. The idea of the video bundle is to save money for our customers, because discounts on such a product reach up to 50%, that is, instead of $600, you will pay $300, instead of $1000 – $500, saving yourself half. That’s why rich people get richer by buying solutions at reasonable discounts and programs… It is also beneficial for us, because we have less order processing number and subsequent bookkeeping. Instead of 5 orders, we only process one. Information about which packs or collections are in the bundle, you can find specifically on the page of the bundle product you are interested in.

HDD Kits are the premium products on the LIME ART GROUP website. In fact, this is all the content that is in the section, or in the category. For example, in Projection Mapping HDD Kit Vol.1 – there are all video mapping loop packs and all toolkits and tutorials for projection video mapping. That is, all the content for the projection shows that we have created. There is a VJ Loops HDD Kit – these are all VJ loops packs – (there should be 100 packs in the future) on one hard drive. Everything you need for VJing at different types of events…
There are two advantages of HDD kits. The first is the price. By adding all the packs to the kit, we got one price that will be over 10,000 euros, then we provided almost a 50-60% discount on such a product. This is a super big benefit for a customer.
The second is sending the disc by mail, express delivery within 3-4 business days worldwide + additional provision of access to downloading from our server. As a result, the client gets instant access to all premium content, as well as a reliable backup of 1-2 Terabytes by mail. What kind of HDD Kits we have, and what’s inside, see the description on the product page.

In general, for all the premium content, and for VIP clients, we have created a separate PLAY BIG page. There you will find all the kits and bundles on one page. Featured Products is a hand-picked page that is updated monthly with other products from our store. Here you can see items on sale, with discounts, as well as trend sets selected by a manager.

Exclusive & Featured Visuals

Bundles & Harddrive HDD kits


There is still a few words left to say about downloading of our content. We upload content to 2 different servers. One is our personal server of the LIME ART GROUP website, the second is a backup Google Drive. After purchasing the content, you should receive an automatic email with an invoice and download links for the purchased product. You can also download files directly from your personal profile on the site.

To reduce the load on our server, we set the Limit for downloading content from the server only 8-10 times. If your limit was restricted and you need to download files again, write us your email and we will provide you with access to Google Drive. Please note that for some products, in order to avoid space loss on our server, we only upload the original Mov ProRes or Mov Photojpeg. Mov DXV encoded files are available only on Google Drive. If you need DXV right away, write us your email and we will provide you with the access. We try to respond to your inquiries at the email shop(at) within one day. For a faster response, write your order number and your gmail right away, we will understand everything…

Unfortunately, the amount of pirated content in the world is growing.

To prevent unauthorized access to our content or piracy, we may decide to cancel access to downloading content in your account or from Google Drive if we become aware that you are violating the terms of use of the LIME ART GROUP license.

I hope this article was helpful to you. In another article, we will write in a more authorial, rather than legal way, how you can use our content and what are the license terms and conditions.


Best wishes from Vienna,
Thanks for your attention, faithfully yours,
Alexander Kuiava – Founder & CEO LIME ART GROUP

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