Live Visual

An understanding the composition and the sense of taste
makes us the market leaders in visual technology!

Video Footages & Loops

We Develop & Create the most needed Videos for Your Show

Video Installations

Exclusive Video Performances & Video Shows

Live Video Broadcast

Large base of video equipment.
Broadcast Design


Live Visual

There is not enough the dynamic music, heated participants and groovy emcees for snazzy party. The audience demands an unusual sight, bright impressions and fresh ideas. Interactive scenery, unusual effects, built-in message – all of this will make your event wonderfully stunning. So, let’s give it to them!

Live Video Mixing / VJ-ing

We are one of the best of VJs teams in the world. Such words can say many of our clients. You wonder what advantages do we have? It may sound a little selfish but VJs are the best people in the world. Understanding the composition and sense of taste makes us the leaders in the market of visual technologies, minimizing of technical errors and rapid decision-making under the music beat, – here are our main criteria in the work that convey the atmosphere of the show.

Video Footages & Loops Production

We are a video production studio and the creation of a high-quality video content has never been a problem for us. If you are a music artist or rock band director, producer of media servers or VJ – come to the right place. We develop Stock Footages for all formats show and video projections. Permissions like FULL HD, 2K or 4K – there is no problem to make it. Using the best German texture, we create video clips, VJ loops and Stock Footages for sale and for the order. Contact us and we will find the best solution for you!

Live Broadcast

Broadcasts from the Mobile TV Station cameras are not easy and it requires many synchronizations. We can simultaneously produce up to 20 video channels accompanying them with quality video content. We have a very good base of video equipment, which will provide reliability for our customers during performing multiple tasks. Integrated effect and working closely with all services (light, sound, pyrotechnics, effects) – is a pledge of quality of the show.

Video Installations

We like to create and to experiment. Creation of visual decorations for interior or exclusive design of scene for concerts – all this makes it clear that our and your possibilities are endless. Exclusive video performances and video shows, incredible design and transformation let us work together for creating unique, breathtaking views, landmark projects for our clients.

What makes us different from others?

The main favors, benefits and winnings,
which our clients receive from the interaction with us.

An International Team

Is the thing, that we are a group of professionals from 6 countries, with average age of 28, with average work experience in media technology of 8 years, etc. describes us somehow? And if so

Easy Process

The technologies of project implementation of Lime Art provide the intermediate control points of execution, which we can collectively monitor. Each of these stages has its time limit, which is easy to fix.

The Time

The time is the unique irreplaceable resource. So we have learned to respect and cherish the time of our clients, offering them the best, tested by practice technology.

Media & Technical Resources

We use the best media-technological base and the most modern German textures and materials for work on 3D-graphics.

Influence Control

The simple realization of things, about which we agreed, is not enough now. Our team always remembers it, offering the clients new meanings in pales of their ideas, creating for their messages new spaces, adding strength and direction of its effects.

Adaptive Conditions

Flexible financial conditions for clients, which consider specificity of each country and the seasonality of the project.

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